Making use of next generation 8k/MicroLED TV's, emerging 5G networks  and live streaming video as virtual-reality "Living Artwork". 
Live Video as Artwork


Imagine a library of thousands of live streaming broadcasts from around the world displayed on next-generation TV’s or Virtual Reality glasses providing the experience of actually being there. Free to the consumer, ad-supported with ad suppression options will follow the Pandora economic model to gather content and compensate broadcasters.


 Arriving Summer 2020, with we intend to take advantage of new 8k broadcast technologies and 5G network capability and aggregate live streams from every corner of the globe that can be used as background artwork in an exhilarating way to decorate homes, hotels, restaurants, businesses or any location with Internet access.  Living rooms with Hawaiian beaches, Mountain waterfalls or children's rooms with Zoos’ and on an on.










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